Coaching & Consulting

Office Coaching and Consulting made easy, with simple actionable programs that add to the revenue, flow and employee experience. These programs and services add value, income and distinguish participating offices as the leader in wellness-centered experiences for their patients.  By improving patient retention, referrals and digital presence, Concierge Wellness will have you increasing....................


Professional & Personal Satisfaction

Develop Leaders within the Practice

Fine Tune Communication Skills..So Every Employee is Doing Their Best

Approach Wellness Programs with Strategic Thinking & Innovative Ideas

Image & Talent Sourcing, Enhancement, Productivity

Increased Clarity of Personal Mission, Vision & Values to Increase Organic Marketing & PR

The highest level of consulting & coaching with a team that is diverse in experience and rich in business knowledge. Business design, project management, branding, growth, team building, team training and an online education platform coming soon!

Services Offered

Custom Wellness Membership Programs - Branded and personalized for your office & your patients. Plans start as low as $10 per month/per patient and can be sold for $27-47 per month/per patient leaving offices with a 270% ROI. 


We can help your office increase sales, patient retention, boost productivity, enhance morale and decrease staff turnover. 

Concierge Wellness is a unique and innovative combination of a wellness membership platform, wellness initiatives and marketing and social media. We work with individuals to bring out their personal and professional best. Our coaches & consultants hold weekly meetings with our clients that re-energize and re-focus them, providing them with a plan for personal and professional growth.


Private 1-on-1 Executive Coaching 

The focus is on short- and long-term goals with regularly scheduled phone calls to effectively resolve problems, strategize and learn cutting-edge skills and techniques for long-term success in your business and personal life.

  • Platinum Level: Three 60-minute calls per month, $1,500-$3,000 

  • Gold Level: Two 45-minute calls per month, $700-$900 

  • Silver Level: Two 30-minute calls per month, $500-$600

(Private coaching with Suzanne or Christina starts at $3,000 per month.) All of the above include unlimited email support between calls. Read More...


Business Consulting & Coaching Intensive Life/Business Package ~ Coach-on-Call

A full day in your office plus all Suzanne has to offer with her personal clients ~ books, tapes, webinars, seminars, etc., and on-call phone/in office coaching service for one year. Call or email whenever you have a question or need to bounce ideas off your mentor. Retainer: $30,000 per year.

Team Building

The Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Strengths Assessment (VIA)

Personal values are those interests, goals and preferences which guide our lives, careers and choices and allow you to tap into your natural motivation for increased success. $500 per person, includes one-hour debrief.

Sales Strategy Index

It helps to ensure that your sales personnel will handle each sales opportunity correctly. It covers seven key steps in the sales process: prospecting; first impressions; qualifying; demonstration; influence; the close; and general sales skills. $500 per person, includes two-hour debrief.


Work Environment Analysis

Success on the job is often a basis of matching the right person to the right position. This assessment helps determine what skills, qualities and behaviors are ideal for specific positions. $500 per assessment plus consulting fees.

Custom Wellness Solutions 

Secret Patient Evaluations - Complete Report from the Patient Perspective, What do your patients really think when they come to your practice?

In-Office Evaluations - Spending the day within your practice while it's working, seeing patients, listening, experiencing the day to day actions of the team. Complete report and recommendations, follow up and consultation for strategic improvements.

Our signature wellness, leadership & performance presentations are designed to be concise, practical, and engaging and can easily be adapted to the specific needs of your organization.  Our interactive approach includes innovative and effective exercises, group discussions, and recommendations for use in and out of the office.

Sample Presentation Titles Include

Authentic Leadership & Team Building

Resilience in Leadership

Workplace Mentorship 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Sales & Success

Mindfulness Activities for the Workplace

Maximize Productivity with Sleep

Nutrition for Optimal Brain Power & Focus

Powerfully Positive & Bounce Back Better

Networking for the Virtual Age

*Custom topics are available upon request, Each of these topics can be within the containers of 1-2 hour workshops, lunch & learns, keynotes or as a series! 

Presentations, Trainings, Workshop Topics Previously Created

Administrative Support and Leadership

Anger Management in the Workplace

Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

Attention Management 

Body Language Basics

Business Etiquette

Business Succession Planning

Call Center Training

Change Management

Civility in the Workplace

Coaching & Mentoring 

Communication Strategies

Conflict Resolution

Creative Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Customer Service Mastery

Delivering Constructive Criticism (Feedback)

Emotional Intelligence


Employee Onboarding

Workshop Facilitation Skills

Human Resources Management Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Job Search Skills

Knowledge Management Skills & Growth

Leadership & Influence

The Lean Process

Manage your Managers

Workplace Anxiety

Measuring Results like a Professional

FREE Media & Public Relations

Middle Manager Leadership

Negotiation Skills

Navigating Office Politics

Organizational Skills

Overcoming Sales Objections

High-Performance Habits for Leaders

Proposal Writing

Public Speaking

Talent Management

Teamwork & Team Building

Time Management

Work-Life Balance

Workplace Diversity

1:1 Executive Coaching
Positive Psychology, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Habit Change along with Leadership and Personal Development gives your executives, leaders and senior staff the tools for organization, emotional intelligence, productivity, focus along with the confidence & motivation techniques to grow the corporation they serve!
Surpass Personal & Professional Boundaries
Create your Unique, Abundant, Purposeful Life
Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Financial Wellbeing
Eating, Moving, Sleeping, Meditation, Mindfulness
Helping Executives & Top Business Performers feel as Healthy as they are Successful!
Stop Settling for Average!
Regain Energy
Navigate Change with Resilience & Grit
Enhance Willpower & Leadership Skills
10X Performance

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